Can airbnb host change price after booking

Airbnb hosts are generally not allowed to change the price after a booking has been confirmed, as this would violate Airbnb’s policies and could lead to a negative experience for the guest. Once a booking has been confirmed, the price is locked in and cannot be changed by the host.

However, there are some situations where the host may need to modify the reservation, such as extending or shortening the length of the stay, adding or removing guests, or changing the check-in or check-out dates. In these cases, the host can request changes to the reservation through Airbnb’s platform, and the guest will have the option to accept or decline the changes.

If a host tries to change the price after a booking has been confirmed without the guest’s consent, the guest should contact Airbnb’s customer support team to report the issue. Airbnb takes such violations seriously and will take appropriate action to ensure that both guests and hosts have a fair and positive experience on their platform.

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