Do airbnbs have cameras 

While there is no hard and fast rule, it is generally not permitted for Airbnb hosts to have any hidden cameras or recording devices in their rental property, including in common areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Hosts must disclose any surveillance devices they have in the listing description or during communication with guests.

According to Airbnb’s policy, hosts must indicate in their listing description any surveillance devices that are present on the property. This includes any cameras, audio recording devices, or other monitoring equipment. If hosts fail to disclose any such devices, Airbnb may take action, which could include suspension or removal of the listing from the platform.

However, hosts are allowed to have cameras or other security devices in plain sight in their rental property, such as a doorbell camera or a security camera in the living room or kitchen area. This is allowed as long as guests are made aware of the devices and their purpose.

Before booking an Airbnb property, guests should read the listing carefully to see if any security devices are mentioned. If in doubt, guests can also message the host to ask if there are any cameras or recording devices on the property.

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